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Winter Car Care Tips

Your Vehicle & The Winter!




The top maintenance areas for upkeeping your vehicle this winter include:


Check on your heating.

Make sure your heat is working to its full potential to avoid any unwanted extreme cold surprises while you’re starting your car in the morning, sitting in traffic, or running to the store! 


Check all of your tires’ air pressure. 

Don’t let a leak ruin your day or even your week! Keep an eye on the air pressure, especially in extreme temperatures. Most passenger cars have a recommended tire pressure between 30 and 35 PSI (pounds per square inch). When in doubt, reference your car owner’s manual to learn the specifics of what your tire pressure range should be. 


Top off your engine fluids. 

Make sure all of your fluids are full & at their best so your car can run its best for you. Now that the cool weather is officially here, you’ll want to top off your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant and windshield wiper fluid. 


Get your oil & filter changed.

Getting your oil and filter changed is one of the simplest ways to increase the longevity of your vehicle. Oil lubricants keep your engine safe from wear and tear, and the oil filter helps remove contaminants from your car’s engine oil. 


Check your tire tread. 

When getting your car ready for winter, be sure to inspect your tires for tread wear and rotate them during every oil change. It is essential to make sure your tires are in the best condition possible when the snow & ice start falling so you can drive & stop safely


Get your brakes checked.

A lot of wear & tear can diminish your brakes over time, it’s imperative you get them checked to make sure they are in good working condition. There are many warning signs that your brakes need to be replaced. The most common ones are screeching noises, grinding noises, squishy brake pedals, shaking steering wheel when stopping, & reduced stopping speed. 

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Make sure you’re cleaning out or replacing your air filters. 

Your air filters are an essential component to your car functioning properly. Changing the air filters in cars in preparation for winter will address heating problems immediately and help prevent cooling problems from popping up once spring rolls around.


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