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It’s time for an oil change, now the big question is which type of oil to put in your vehicle?  And what is the difference between motor oils?

Let’s discuss the difference between motor oils.

3 Types of Motor Oil

  1. Synthetic Motor Oil
  2. Conventional Motor Oil
  3. Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

Fresh Oil Is Vital To Your Engine’s Lifespan

The number one thing every car has in common other than needing gasoline to move is that every car, no matter what- has to have oil in the engine and get oil changes to keep the engine healthy and long-lasting (excluding electric cars). We would go as far as saying one of the most important things you put into your vehicle is the oil you choose to use in the engine, which impacts the long and short-term health and function of the vehicle.

Mileage Between Oil Changes Varies

Depending on the year, make and model, the oil change interval necessary to keep your vehicle running healthy and without issues can vary. Modern engines are often designed to meet specific standards and require oil to meet industry benchmarks that ensure long service life. Unlike older engines, they are designed to have oil changes based on mileage and usually have a maintenance schedule based on vehicles driven a “normal” amount.

Let’s Talk Motor Oil

There are a few different types of motor oils to choose from that accommodate the different model cars and their uses, including; synthetic motor oil, conventional motor oil, semi-synthetic, and high-mileage motor oil. The most commonly used motor oils are synthetic, conventional, and semi-synthetic oil.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic motor oil provides higher viscosity levels, oxidation resistance, better thermal breakdown, and helps fight against oil sludge. Synthetic motor oil can even help improve fuel efficiency and reduce engine drag. Vehicles that require synthetic motor oil are vehicles that can withstand higher temperatures, and that require high levels of lubrication.

Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil is crude oil refined and blended with different chemical additives, and the most commonly used type of oil. Created for newer cars that are light-duty and have a simple engine design with low to average mileage.

Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil

Semi-Synthetic motor oil is very similar to synthetic motor oil but is much cheaper and a mixture of synthetic and conventional base oils with some additives that add extra resistance, oxidation, and low-temperature qualities. It’s a good intermediate choice for those who want extra protection and performance but not the high price of synthetic motor oil.

Which Oil Is Right For Your Vehicle?

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive and the purpose your vehicle serves, that will determine the type of motor oil you’ll want to go with when you go to change your oil. So make sure you do your research to determine what kind of motor oil will be the best for your vehicle and how you drive.

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