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Reasons To Get Your Brakes Checked!


How often should I get my brakes checked?

Sure, your brakes are the reason that your vehicle stops when you press down on your car’s brake pedal, but do you know how? Your vehicle’s braking system is full of many different important moving parts that ensure the braking process happens efficiently & effectively every single time. 

Make sure you know enough about your brakes, this way you can be proactive with the upkeep & avoid common maintenance issues. 


A Brief Overview of Your Vehicle’s Brakes.

Most cars use what is known as disc brakes. These function in a similar way as brakes on a ten-speed bicycle. A hydraulic system filled with brake fluid triggers a set of padded clamps known as calipers, causing them to squeeze together on a disc known as the rotor. The friction that occurs between the pads and rotor during this process is what eventually stops the car.


It’s recommended that you get your brakes inspected & potentially changed every 6 months. 


Why Get Your Brakes Checked Every Six Months?

Just like anything else in your vehicle, things start to wear out, get exhausted & lack performance, because of this you should try to get your brakes inspected every six months. An easy way to accomplish this is to ask to get your brakes checked when you get your tires rotated. Although it is a common rule of thumb to get your brakes checked & potentially changed every six months, this can vary depending on the amount of driving, style of driving, and distance your car is going. 

For example, for drivers that are in heavy traffic often and have to use their brakes a lot, brake pads may wear down or other problems may develop more rapidly. Drivers who slam on the brakes hard will cause their brake pads to wear out sooner.


Reason 1. Save On Repair Costs!

 It’s hard to say exactly what the lifespan of your brakes are because there are so many factors that go into their functioning lifespan, but we can say that brakes typically need to be replaced after six months of normal driving. For a more specific estimate, consult the owner’s manual for your vehicle. When you get regular brake checks done you can save money in the long run by keeping up with the health of your brakes & catching things before they get worse. 


Reason 2. Protect Yourself & Vehicle Long Term!

When it comes to keeping your vehicle up-to-date, you can never do too much. It sounds crazy but your brakes are an integral part of keeping you safe while driving. If you keep an eye on your brakes every six months, it can improve your braking distance & safety while braking. Ensuring you & your vehicle are safe every time you stop.


When Should You Change Your Brakes?

A lot of wear & tear can diminish your brakes over time, getting them checked to make sure they are in good working condition is how you ensure you stay safe. There are many warning signs that your brakes need to be replaced. The most common ones are screeching noises, grinding noises, squishy brake pedals, shaking steering wheel when stopping & reduced stopping speed. 

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