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Is your check engine light on?

Please do not ignore it when a check engine light is on!  Addressing the issue promptly can save you a lot of money as compared to ignoring it!

Understanding Check Engine Lights

When it comes to taking care of your car, you can’t always take preventative measures and sooner or later you will turn your car on and be greeted by a warning light you won’t be expecting. Along with the element of surprise with the warning light, depending on the vehicle you drive, there are a variety of warning lights you should be aware of. Not to worry though, we took it upon ourselves to highlight the most common warning lights that show up in most cars and what they mean.

Automobiles Have Several Warning Lights These Days

Let’s go over the different types of warning lights late-model vehicles have today.

Check Engine Light

The check engine warning light looks like a small engine with the word “check” on the inside that is alerting you something in the engine is experiencing a failed sensor or the car could be having a serious engine malfunction. This warning light, if not dealt with right away could lead to additional problems if not addressed.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

The oil pressure warning light looks like an oil dripper with a small drip coming out of it usually and it lights up when the engine oil pressure or oil level is too low or too high. Improper lubrication could cause significant engine damage as well.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Warning Light (TPMS)

This tire pressure warning looks like a tire with an exclamation point in the middle of it to show you that the tire pressure is too high or too low. Improper pressure could affect gas mileage, tire wear/ life, and vehicle stability.

Coolant Temperature Warning Light

The coolant temperature warning light is a thermometer in squiggly lines that means the engine temperature is higher than the intended operating level. Which can lead to the engine overheating leading to significant engine damage.

Battery Warning Light

The battery warning looks like a small battery with a plus and negative sign on it that means the battery charge is low or the alternator is not properly charging the battery. Which could result in a dead battery and your car not turning over.

Traction Control Light

The traction control warning light is a car that is “slipping” and is showing you that the traction control system has been compromised, leading to decreased vehicle stability, especially in poor road conditions.

 Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS)

The ABS warning light is the letters ABS in a circle that is showing you the anti-brake system has been compromised and could lead to decreased braking ability or braking failure.

Brake Pad Warning Light

The brake pad warning light is a circle with dots on either side of the circle, and it is telling you that the brake pad thickness has reached minimum levels for safe performance. Vehicles these days are equipped with wear sensors inside of the pad which in turn offers the driver better awareness as to when the brake pads need to be replaced. Brake pads should be replaced immediately once this warning light shows up.

Airbag Warning Light

This warning light is an image of a person sitting in a seat with a seatbelt on and is telling you that the safety restraint system has been compromised. This warning light also means that airbags may not properly deploy in a collision.

Parking Brake Warning Light

This warning light is an exclamation point in a circle and is warning you that the parking brake is either stuck on or can no longer properly operate. This can also cause further damage to the braking system.

Let Us Help You Trouble Shoot Your Car’s Warning Light!

When it comes to the warning lights in your vehicle, no matter how annoying they may be, don’t take them lightly. They are there to alert you when something is wrong with your vehicle and to ensure your safety.

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