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Your vehicle’s brakes are integral in keeping you and others safe.  We can all agree that our vehicle stopping when we need it to is non-negotiable.

With the high use and constant wear and tear on them, it is only natural that they start to break down and wear out over time. Brake fade can cause weird noises, you may not recognize at first, and maybe a scary brakes grinding or squeaking noise.

Quick Overview of Brake Types

There are a few different brake pad options but the most common ones are semi-metallic and ceramic brake pads.

Semi-metallic brake pads are made out of metal shavings of copper, steel, graphite, and brass bonded with resin. Ceramic brake pads are made out of ceramic fibers, and other filling materials bonded together.

You can picture brake pads like a 4-layer cake, starting with the outside layer of the noise reduction shim, followed by the backing plate with abutment tab/ears, followed by bonding adhesive, and finishing off with the friction block that consists of an underlayer, chamfer, and slot.

No matter what your driving situation calls for, both will eventually need replacing.  Learn more about the differences in types of automobile brakes.

Brakes Grinding vs Brakes Squeaking

There are a few different signals that will point to your brake pads needing to be replaced. Signs of needing new pads could be, a squeaking, grinding, or squealing noise. All of which are caused by different reasons.

Brake Pad Grinding

Brakes grinding can be caused when the brake pad is completely worn down and the backing plate of the brake pad is making contact with the rotor.

Brake Pad Squeaking or Screeching

Brakes squeaking is typically caused when the safety tab of the brake pad starts making physical contact with the rotor or the rotors have worn unevenly and are rubbing. This noise can also happen temporarily when your brakes are exposed to wet, damp conditions and a thin layer of dust and rust can form on them causing this noise when the brake pads make contact.

Average Life of Brake Pads

Brake pads are usually predicted to last between 30,000-35,000 miles but are totally dependent upon the vehicle and the driver.

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