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Brake Repair
Fairfield OH

Are you looking for a mobile car brake repair expert for your car in Fairfield, OH? If so, you have come to the right place. We are The Auto Llama, a team of experienced and certified brake specialists who can fix any brake problem on any vehicle. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable brake repair services at your location. Whether you need brake pad replacement, brake rotor replacement, or brake caliper replacement, we can handle it all.

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Local Law

According to the Ohio Revised Code, your vehicle’s brakes must be in good working order and capable of stopping your vehicle within a reasonable distance. If your brakes are defective or worn out, you could face a fine of up to $150 and a possible suspension of your driver’s license. Moreover, you could also endanger yourself and others on the road by increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Your vehicle’s glass must also meet specific standards of safety and visibility. It must not be cracked, broken, or obstructed by any material that reduces light transmission or distorts vision. If your glass is damaged or tinted beyond the legal limit, you could face a fine of up to $100 and a possible citation for equipment violation.

A qualified professional should regularly inspect your brakes and glass to avoid these penalties and ensure your safety. That’s where we come in. We can check your brakes and drink for any issues and fix them immediately.

Brake repair Fairfield Ohio

Brake Shop At Your Service

We are more than just a brake shop. We are a mobile brake shop that comes to you. No need to waste time and money on towing or driving to a garage. We can repair brakes at your home, office, or anywhere convenient. We have all the tools and equipment needed to service any make and model of vehicle.

Brake Pad Replacement Near Me

Brake Pad Replacement

One of the most common brake problems is worn-out brake pads. Brake pads are the components that press against the brake rotors to create friction and slow down your vehicle. Over time, they wear down and lose their effectiveness. Some signs that you need brake pad replacement are:

  • Squealing or grinding noise when braking
  • Longer stopping distance
  • Vibration or pulsation in the brake pedal
  • The brake warning light on the dashboard

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t ignore them. Worn-out brake pads can damage your brake rotors and calipers, leading to more expensive repairs. We can replace your brake pads quickly and affordably using high-quality parts that match or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications.

Brake Rotor Replacement Service

Brake Rotor Replacement

Another common brake problem is warped or cracked brake rotors. Brake rotors are the discs that spin with your wheels and provide a surface for the brake pads to grip. When they are exposed to high temperatures, moisture, or stress, they can warp or crack, affecting their performance. Some signs that you need brake rotor replacement are:

  • Grooves or score marks on the rotor surface
  • Blue or black discoloration of the rotor
  • Excessive heat coming from the wheel area
  • Reduced braking power or uneven braking

If you notice any of these symptoms, don’t delay. Warped or cracked rotors can compromise your braking system and cause further damage to other components. We can replace your rotors with new ones that are smooth, flat, and durable.

Brake Caliper Replacement Near Me

Brake Caliper Replacement

Another common brake problem is leaking or seizing brake calipers. Brake calipers are the devices that hold the brake pads and squeeze them against the rotors when you apply the brakes. They operate using hydraulic fluid that flows through hoses and pistons. When they leak or seize, they can cause various problems, such as:

  • Fluid loss or contamination
  • Uneven wear of the brake pads
  • Dragging or locking of the wheels
  • Pulling or drifting of the vehicle

If you notice any of these problems, feel free. Leaking or seized calipers can affect your braking efficiency and safety. We can replace your calipers with new ones that are leak-free and responsive.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

With over 180 5-star reviews see why 2’u’Brakes Mobile Brake Repair is the best choice for brake replacement!

What makes 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair different from other Fairfield brake repair shops?

2’u’Brakes is Cincinnati’s first mobile brake repair service. We have changed the way customers choose to get their brake repairs done. From Brake pad replacement, Brake rotor replacement to Brake caliper replacement 2’u’Brakes can handle all your brake repair needs!

How does 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair in Fairfield work?

This is a great question that we often are asked. Our process is extremly simple you can fill out our free estimate request form that will ask a few questions about your brake repair needs and we will get back to ASAP with a price. When you are ready to schedule your brake repair you simply click on schedule now and book your appointment. Your ASE certified technician will then come to your vehicles location in Fairfield OH and make the repair on location. Easy as 1-2-3 !

Does 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair offer a warranty?

Yes all of our brake repairs are backed by one of our 3 warranty tiers depending on your brake repair package choice.

  • Standard package 12 month/12k mile
  • Gold package 24 month/24k mile
  • Platinum package 36 month/36k mile warranty
Can you make brake repairs any where in Fairfield?

Genrally yes. While we do require a mostly flat surface with around 6 ft on each side of the vehicle to make the brake repair. In certain instances we may look for a near by parking lot to make the brake repair if needed.

How long should I expect my brake repair to take?

Most brake repairs typically take between 1 to 2 hours. On occasion repairs can take longer if your technician runs into problems or extra services are needed to complete your brake repair.

What types of brake repairs do you make in Fairfield?
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ASE Certified Brake Repair Services In Fairfield OH & Nearby

Our mechanics are ASE Certified Technicians just like the guys working at the brick and mortar auto repair shops you’ll find in Fairfield Oh.

When we make a brake repair, it automatically gets pushed to your vehicle’s history report.

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We Make Brake Repair Easy!

Can you name another auto repair shop in the East Side that will repair your brakes on site?

We are not aware of any other local mechanics providing this service!

Our brake jobs come with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

All you have to do is contact us and approve your quote. We’ll repair your brakes wherever your vehicle is currently located!

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  • Our primary service areas are Cincinnati, Northern KY, SE Indiana, and Dayton, OH. We do make repairs out side of this area however a service charge may apply please give us a call if you need more info.
  • We DO NOT offer BRAKE LINE repairs at this time.
  • We DO NOT install customer parts unless you are looking for a performance upgrade.

We Also Serve The Rest Of Greater Cincinnati

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Downtown Cincinnati

The Auto Llama will go to your vehicle’s location in Downtown Cincinnati to perform your brake repair.

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North Side Cincinnati Icon

North Side Cincinnati

We also service the Northside of Cincinnati with plans to expand to serve Dayton in the near future.

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West Side Cincinnati Icon

West Side Cincinnati

We repair brakes in Bridgetown, Cheviot, Monfort Heights, Delhi, Colerain, Harrison, Western Hills, and nearby.

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Northern KY Icon

Northern KY

Proudly serving Boone, Kenton, Campbell, and nearby portions of other NKY counties.

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SE Indiana Icon

South East Indiana

The Auto Llama and 2’Brakes offers brake repair services in Lawrenceville, Greendale, and nearby.

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Meeting Fairfield, OH

Fairfield, OH, is a city in Butler County with a population of about 43,000. It is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area and has a rich history and culture. Here are some things that make Fairfield, OH, unique.


Fairfield, OH, was founded in 1794 by settlers from New Jersey who named it after their hometown. It was incorporated as a village in 1954 and as a city in 1955. It has been home to many notable people, such as William Bebb, former governor of Ohio; John Rosecrans, inventor of the gyrocompass; and John Boehner, former U.S. House of Representatives speaker.

Points of Interest

Fairfield, OH, has many attractions and amenities for residents and visitors alike. Some of them are:

  • The Fairfield Community Arts Center is a venue for arts and entertainment that features a theater, a gallery, a lounge, and a cafe.
  • The Jungle Jim’s International Market is a grocery store that sells products from over 70 countries and has a water park, a monorail, and animatronic animals.
  • The Fairfield Golf Center is a golf facility that offers a driving range, a mini-golf course, a pro shop, and a snack bar.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Taking care of your car is essential for many reasons. It can help you save money on fuel, repairs, and maintenance. It can also help you extend the life of your vehicle and preserve its value. Moreover, it can help you prevent accidents and injuries by ensuring your car is safe and reliable. Here are some tips and tricks for taking care of your vehicle.

  • Check your fluids regularly and top them up as needed. This includes oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Check your tires regularly and keep them properly inflated and aligned. This can improve your gas mileage, handling, and braking. You should also rotate your tires every 6,000 miles or as your manufacturer recommends.
  • Check your brakes regularly and have them serviced by a professional when necessary. This can prevent brake failure and improve your stopping distance. You should also replace your brake pads and rotors when worn out or damaged.
  • Check your lights regularly and replace any burned or dim bulbs. This can improve your visibility and communication with other drivers. You should also clean your headlights and taillights periodically to remove dirt or grime.
  • Check your battery regularly and replace it when it is weak or dead. This can prevent your car from stalling or not starting. You should also clean your battery terminals and cables to remove corrosion or rust.
  • Check your belts and hoses regularly and replace them when cracked, frayed, or leaking. This can prevent your engine from overheating or losing power. You should also check your air filter and replace it when it is dirty or clogged.

By following these tips and tricks, you can take care of your car and enjoy its benefits for years. However, if you ever encounter brake problems or need brake repair services, don’t hesitate to contact us at The Auto Llama. We are the best mobile car brake repair experts in Fairfield, OH, ready to serve you anytime, anywhere.

How do you get to The Auto Llama Northern Cincinnati?

Fairfield Community Arts Center

411 Wessel Dr, Fairfield, OH 45014, United States

  1. Head northeast on Fairfield Commons Dr toward Wessel Dr (125 ft)

          a. Turn right onto Wessel Dr (0.6 mi)

          b. Turn left onto Bibury Rd (344 ft)

  1. Turn right onto Nilles Rd (1.1 mi)

          a. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto OH-4 S (0.4 mi)

  1. Turn left onto Michael Ln (384 ft)

          a. Turn right (331 ft)

          b. Turn right (16 ft)

          c. Turn left (476 ft)

          d. Turn right.

          e. Destination will be on the left (10 ft)

Jungle Jim’s International Market

5440 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH 45014, United States

  1. Head northwest toward Jungle Jim Drive (10 ft)
  2. Turn left toward Jungle Jim Drive (476 ft)
  3. Turn left onto Jungle Jim Drive (0.1 mi)
  4. Turn left onto OH-4 S (1.5 mi)
  5. Turn left onto Stockton Rd (469 ft)
  6. Turn left. Destination will be on the left (115 ft)

Fairfield Fun Center

6400 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield, OH 45014, United States

  1. Head east toward Seward Rd (115 ft)
  2. Turn left onto Stockton Rd (0.5 mi)
  3. Turn left onto Seward Rd (1.5 mi)
  4. Turn right onto Union Centre Blvd (1.7 mi)
  5. Turn left onto Princeton Glendale Rd (0.3 mi)

2’u’Brakes Mobile Brake Repair

OH-747, West Chester Township, OH 45011, United States