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Brake Repair
Delhi OH

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient brake repair service in Delhi, OH? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Auto Llamas 2’u’Brakes is your local mobile brake repair expert. We fix brakes at your business, whether it’s your home, office, or anywhere else. No more wasting time and money at the brake shop. Schedule an appointment online or by phone, and we’ll come to you with quality parts, ASE-certified technicians, and a warranty-backed service.

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Local Law

Driving with faulty brakes or cracked glass is dangerous and illegal in Ohio. According to the Ohio Revised Code, your vehicle must have brakes that can stop within a certain distance and glass free of defects that impair vision. If you fail to comply with these requirements, you could face fines, points on your license, or even suspension of your registration. Don’t risk it. Get your brakes and glass checked and repaired by The Auto Llamas 2’u’Brakes today.

Delhi Ohio brake repair

Brake Shop At Your Service

At The Auto Llamas 2’u’Brakes, we make brake repair easy and convenient for you. We come to your location, whether your home, office, or anywhere else, and fix your brakes on the spot. No need to waste time and money on towing or waiting at a shop. We use quality parts and guarantee our work with a warranty. We also upload all repairs onto your vehicle’s CarFax history report.

Brake Pad Replacement Near Me

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are the parts that press against the rotors to slow down your car. They wear out over time and must be replaced every 25,000 to 50,000 miles, depending on your driving habits and conditions. Some signs that your brake pads need replacement are:

  • Squeaking or squealing noises when braking
  • Longer stopping distances
  • Vibration or pulsation in the brake pedal
  • Indicator light on the dashboard

We can diagnose your brake pad problem quickly and replace them with new ones. We’ll also inspect your rotors and calipers for any damage or wear.

Brake Rotor Replacement Service

Brake Rotor Replacement

Brake rotors are the discs that spin with your wheels and provide a surface for the brake pads to grip. They can get warped, cracked, or grooved over time, affecting your braking performance. Some signs that your brake rotors need replacement are:

  • Grinding or scraping noises when braking
  • Uneven or excessive brake pad wear
  • The steering wheel shakes or wobbles when braking
  • Blue or black spots on the rotors

We can diagnose your brake rotor problem quickly and replace them with new ones. We’ll also inspect your pads and calipers for any damage or wear.

Brake Caliper Replacement Near Me

Brake Caliper Replacement

Brake calipers are the devices that hold the brake pads and squeeze them against the rotors when you apply the brakes. They can get stuck, leak, or corrode over time, affecting your braking performance. Some signs that your brake calipers need replacement are:

  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • Fluid leakage under the car
  • Reduced braking power
  • Uneven or rapid brake pad wear

We can diagnose your brake caliper problem quickly and replace them with new ones. We’ll also inspect your pads and rotors for any damage or wear.

Don’t Take Our Word For It!

With over 180 5-star reviews see why 2’u’Brakes Mobile Brake Repair is the best choice for brake replacement!

What makes 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair different from other Delhi brake repair shops?

2’u’Brakes is Cincinnati’s first mobile brake repair service. We have changed the way customers choose to get their brake repairs done. From Brake pad replacement, Brake rotor replacement to Brake caliper replacement 2’u’Brakes can handle all your brake repair needs!

How does 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair in Delhi work?

This is a great question that we often are asked. Our process is extremly simple you can fill out our free estimate request form that will ask a few questions about your brake repair needs and we will get back to ASAP with a price. When you are ready to schedule your brake repair you simply click on schedule now and book your appointment. Your ASE certified technician will then come to your vehicles location in Delhi OH and make the repair on location. Easy as 1-2-3 !

Does 2'u'Brakes mobile brake repair offer a warranty?

Yes all of our brake repairs are backed by one of our 3 warranty tiers depending on your brake repair package choice.

  • Standard package 12 month/12k mile
  • Gold package 24 month/24k mile
  • Platinum package 36 month/36k mile warranty
Can you make brake repairs any where in Delhi?

Genrally yes. While we do require a mostly flat surface with around 6 ft on each side of the vehicle to make the brake repair. In certain instances we may look for a near by parking lot to make the brake repair if needed.

How long should I expect my brake repair to take?

Most brake repairs typically take between 1 to 2 hours. On occasion repairs can take longer if your technician runs into problems or extra services are needed to complete your brake repair.

What types of brake repairs do you make in Delhi?
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ASE Certified Brake Repair Services In Delhi OH & Nearby

Our mechanics are ASE Certified Technicians just like the guys working at the brick and mortar auto repair shops you’ll find in Delhi Oh.

When we make a brake repair, it automatically gets pushed to your vehicle’s history report.

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If your quoted price and service time sounds good to you, we’ll get you on our schedule – possibly the same day!

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The Auto Llama To The Rescue!

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An ASE Certified brake repair expert will have your brake service completed very soon.

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We Make Brake Repair Easy!

Can you name another auto repair shop in the East Side that will repair your brakes on site?

We are not aware of any other local mechanics providing this service!

Our brake jobs come with a 2-year/24,000-mile warranty.

All you have to do is contact us and approve your quote. We’ll repair your brakes wherever your vehicle is currently located!

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  • Our primary service areas are Cincinnati, Northern KY, SE Indiana, and Dayton, OH. We do make repairs out side of this area however a service charge may apply please give us a call if you need more info.
  • We DO NOT offer BRAKE LINE repairs at this time.
  • We DO NOT install customer parts unless you are looking for a performance upgrade.

We Also Serve The Rest Of Greater Cincinnati

Downtown Cincinnati Icon

Downtown Cincinnati

The Auto Llama will go to your vehicle’s location in Downtown Cincinnati to perform your brake repair.

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North Side Cincinnati Icon

North Side Cincinnati

We also service the Northside of Cincinnati with plans to expand to serve Dayton in the near future.

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West Side Cincinnati Icon

West Side Cincinnati

We repair brakes in Bridgetown, Cheviot, Monfort Heights, Delhi, Colerain, Harrison, Western Hills, and nearby.

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Northern KY Icon

Northern KY

Proudly serving Boone, Kenton, Campbell, and nearby portions of other NKY counties.

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SE Indiana Icon

South East Indiana

The Auto Llama and 2’Brakes offers brake repair services in Lawrenceville, Greendale, and nearby.

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Meeting Delhi OH

Delhi, OH, is a township in Hamilton County, Ohio, with about 30,000 people. It is part of the Cincinnati metropolitan area and has a rich history and culture. Here are some of the things that make Delhi, OH, particular:


Delhi, OH, was founded in 1789 by Benjamin Stites, who named it after Delhi, NY, his hometown. It was initially a farming community and later became a popular destination for German immigrants. In 1816, it became one of the original townships of Hamilton County. 1952, it was incorporated as a township with a limited home-rule government.

Points of Interest

Delhi, OH, has many attractions and landmarks that showcase its heritage and charm. Some are:

  • Delhi Historical Society: A museum and library that preserves and displays artifacts and documents related to Delhi’s history.
  • Delhi Park: A 96-acre park with playgrounds, picnic areas, trails, sports fields, and a veterans memorial.
  • Mount St. Joseph University: A private Catholic university founded in 1920 by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati.
  • The Farm: A historic farmhouse that hosts events such as weddings, parties, and corporate meetings.

Taking Care Of Your Car

Taking care of your car is suitable for your safety, comfort, wallet, and environment. A well-maintained car can last longer, perform better, save fuel, reduce emissions, and retain its value. Here are some tips and tricks to take care of your car:

  • Check your oil level and change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles or as your manufacturer recommends.
  • Check your tire pressure and rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles or as your manufacturer recommends.
  • Regularly check your brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid, and other fluids, and top them up as needed.
  • Regularly check your lights, wipers, belts, hoses, filters, and batteries and replace them.
  • Wash your car regularly and wax it occasionally to protect it from dirt, dust, salt, and sun damage.
  • Park your car in a garage or a shaded area to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

By caring for your car, you can enjoy it for years and avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. And if you ever need brake repair in Delhi, OH, you know who to call: The Auto Llamas 2’u’Brakes!

How do you get to The Auto Llama West Side Cincinnati?

Mount St. Joseph University

5701 Delhi Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45233, United States

  1. Head north on Neeb Rd toward Delhi Rd.
  2. After 36 ft, turn right at the 1st cross street onto Delhi Rd.
  3. After 1.1 mi, turn left after White Castle (on the right).
  4. After 0.3 mi, turn right onto Farm House Ln.

          a. It is a restricted usage road.

          b. Your destination will be on the right after 161 ft.

Delhi Historical Society

468 Anderson Ferry Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States

  1. Head west on Farm House Ln toward Anderson Ferry Rd.

           a. It is a restricted-use road.

  1. After 161 ft, turn right onto Anderson Ferry Rd.
  2. After 0.4 mi, turn right onto Foley Rd.
  3. After 0.3 mi, turn right onto Delhi Park Dr.

           a. Your destination will be on the right after 0.2 mi.

Delhi Park

5125 Foley Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45238, United States

  1. Follow Delhi Park Dr to Foley Rd.

          a. Head north on Delhi Park Dr for 262 ft.

          a. Turn left to stay on Delhi Park Dr for 0.2 mi.

        2. Turn right onto Foley Rd. It will take 32 seconds to cover 0.2 mi.

        3. Continue on Covedale Ave to Cincinnati for 4 minutes, covering 1.6 mi.

          a. Turn left onto Covedale Ave and continue for 1.4 mi.

          b. Turn right onto Sidney Rd and continue for 0.2 mi.

        4. Follow Boudinot Ave and N Bend Rd to Vogel Rd for 14 min covering 6.0 mi.

          a. Turn left onto Glenway Ave and continue for 0.3 mi.

          b. Slight right onto Boudinot Ave and continue for 2.4 mi.

          c. Turn left onto Westwood Northern Blvd and continue for 0.2 mi.

          d. Turn right onto N Bend Rd and continue for 2.0 mi.

          e. Turn right onto N Bend Rd/W North Bend Rd and continue for 1.0 mi.

        5. Turn left onto Vogel Rd and continue for 0.6 mi.

        6. Take Colerain Ave to Monfort Hills Ave in Cincinnati for 2 min, covering 0.6 mi.

          a. Turn right onto Jessup Rd and continue for 0.1 mi.

          b. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Colerain Ave and continue for 0.3 mi.

          c. Turn right onto Kipling Ave and continue for 0.2 mi.

        7. Continue on Monfort Hills Ave and drive to Byrneside Dr in White Oak for 2 min, covering 0.4 mi.

          a. Turn left onto Monfort Hills Ave and continue for 0.3 mi.

          b. Turn right onto Byrneside Dr. Your destination will be on the left after 0.2 mi.

2’u’Brakes Mobile Brake Repair

2542 Byrneside Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45239, United States