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Brake Repair

Are You looking for the cost of brake repair? Below you’ll find information about the typical cost of a brake job.

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We Believe in upfront brake repair pricing

2’u’Brakes mobile brake repair serves the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton, OH markets. We have brake packages starting at $109 but the cost can vary depending on your vehicle.
We often get asked –
  • What’s a brake job cost?
  • What are your brake change prices?
  • What’s an average cost of a brake repair?

Below you’ll find some information on how much brake repairs cost along with some common issues that could increase the cost of a brake job.


What can increase the cost of a brake repair?

The #1 thing that will raise the cost of your brake repair is simply waiting too long to make the repair. If you act fast, oftentimes only the brake pads will need to be replaced. Replacing brake pads is the least expensive and most common brake repair. When rotors and calipers also need to be replaced, it will raise the cost of the repair because of the additional material and labor costs.

The 2nd thing that can raise the cost of a brake repair is the cost of the parts specific to your vehicle.  If your vehicle is large or heavy like a full-size SUV or pickup truck, larger vehicle. The additional weight of the vehicle requires heavier-duty brakes to safely and reliability stop the vehicle when the brake pedal is pressed.

The 3rd thing that can raise the cost of a brake repair is if your vehicle is a performance vehicle. Braking systems of performance vehicles will need to be able to withstand higher temperatures.

The final thing that can raise the cost of a brake repair is if your vehicle is foreign and the replacement parts are more expensive due to duties and tariffs upon importing them to the USA.

We Are Brake Experts You Can Trust

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Your vehicle’s ability to stop is vital for your safety along with other passengers in your vehicle along with everyone else on the road!  If you are looking for a mechanic you can trust in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, please follow the steps below to request your brake repair pricing and schedule your on-site brake repair service.

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September 15, 2021

Daniel is extremely nice and informative, they arrived right before the appointed time at my employer. I only had to walk out, give him my keys, show him my car then they fixed my brakes and my rotors within an hour. Afterwards I paid and that was it, they are cheaper than Car X by $80 and way more convenient. I will definitely be calling when I need his service again and tell everyone about my experience. Thank you
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   August 28, 2021

Daniel took care of my brakes & rotors on my Audi A4 for a great price and did a great job! Will definitely be back and recommend him for anyone.
ASE CARFAX Car Care Certified

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